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What We Do

We develop solid plans for the roads to be built as economically as possible. To improve the performance of road infrastructure and related components, we generate adequate solutions for road engineering sector in the long run. A wide range of spare parts and machine components are available here to ensure the safe use of machinery for different construction purposes.

  • More than 18 years of road service experience
  • High satisfaction in CRM and quality assured projects management 
  • High priority will be attached to the environmental friendliness of road constructions

What makes us different?


24 hours of repairing service

Quality Assured

Original machine and spare parts provider


Customer-focused leadership to understand customers’ needs and insights


Various reliable brands as a preference, including Wirtgen, Vogele, Hamm, Dynapac, Sakai, ABG.

We build road infrastructure that is reliable and available around the clock. New construction and maintenance techniques have always being improved, upgraded and rehabilitate the old (existing) network and to build new roads, to complete the networks fast and cost-effectively. Roads are built to high quality and durable standards, resulting in low maintenance too.

   Wherever you go, we build the best road to your destination